Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Keep Dancing!

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Imagine yourself as a solo dance performer in the annual celebration of your school with 10 students participating in it. While you are performing (a crowd of more than 5000 is watching you), your wig (a part of your make-up) falls down.


Let me repeat your answer - You wanted to give your best for the remaining part of the session, pray to the almighty GOD and hope for the positive result.

Then how can the wig in the form of headache/fever/birthdays/family functions/Past Performances stops you from attending classes/ studying?

How dare you give up on your past performances and do not keep dancing.

You are a warrior. Think yourself as the future Chief Manager of a BIG- BIG Company who will manage more than 20,000 employees. How should he/she behave in his/her school time – A Chief Manager is a born Chief Manager. A looser is a born looser. At first, construct your attitude, build the traits of a big personality in you, getting into colleges is secondary.

You the Warrior, You the future President of India – You are the creator of your destiny.

No matter what, Be positive and Keep Dancing.
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Calculus, You Beauty!

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You will die laughing.

Application of Derivatives: 

Read Chapter 3 and 4 : Click Here.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

What it takes to do something you are passionate about

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A bit of boldness, a lot of sacrifice. The recognition that you have more to look forward to than what others do. The feeling that you either make it or break it, but even if you break it you will try again and win.
Being a little customarily anti-social but strategically social. Embracing ideas that are not mainstream, that at first look impossible.
Ignoring the ones who pull you down and standing up for yourself, because no one else will. 
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Sunday, May 19, 2013

With Love, Maths

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                        At Chai Point, NSP, New Delhi. Be Rational.

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

All about JEE Mains 2013 Offline Exam

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The offline exam of the JEE Main 2013 Paper 1 is now over. For all the engineering aspirants this was one exam that really mattered the most. More than 14 lakh students appeared for this year's JEE Main 2013. That is a significant increase from the 10 lakh students that took the AIEEE last year.

Let’s analyze, what it was all about for MATHEMATICS:

1) Chapter Wise Break Up (Total No. of Questions = 30):

CLASS XI (Total No. of Questions = 15) 
  1. Quadratic Equations -1
  2. Complex Numbers -1
  3. Progressions and Series -1
  4. Binomial Theorem -1
  5. Permutations and Combinations - 2
  6. Coordinate Geometry -6
  7. Trigonometry -3

CLASS XII (Total No. of Questions = 15)
  1. Calculus -8
  2. Matrices -1
  3. Vectotrs and 3D -3
  4. Probability -1
  5. Statistics -1
  6. Mathematical Reasoning -1 

2) Equal Weightage has been given to class XI as well as class XII

3) Weightage (Algebra) = Weightage (Calculus) = Weightage (Coordinate Geometry + 3D Geometry)

4) Specific Portions linked with Mains Exam such as Statistics, Mathematical Reasoning and Relations together weigh almost half of calculus and almost equal to Vectors/3D section.

5) For maths section, cut off upto 1.5 lakh students may be around 60% while overall at 49%

6) Assertion Reasoning Questions were new this year and stumped many students.

Best of Luck for the JEE Advanced. May the Force be with You!

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Thursday, February 7, 2013

You CAN do it. WILL you?

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   Even if you feel, you are less skilled, be Determined. 

Believe Me, You WILL.
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kya Aapki Book Mein Namak Hai?

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Student now a days are messed up, obsessed with the books. Books, books and more books.

I remember a lecture of Mr. Ratan Tata at IIT Madras - He said, "I am successful today, because I focused on lesser things in my life". How Practical!

Leaked Conversation between two students:

Student1: Dude, what's happening at NASA batch?

Student 2: Yaar, practicing Z category legendary problems, majja aa gaya dost - ek bhi question nahi hota, JEE syllabus bacha hai waise abhi..

Student1: Oh stud maaaan, NASA rocks!!

Student2: What's up with ISRO batch, huh?

Student 1: ISRO? Leave it macha. Please hand over the Z category problem sheet, you guys are doing.

Student2:  In return, you have to give me Bond's Calculus Book you bought yesterday for a day or so.

Student1: Bond's eh? I don't remember dude, I have at-least 13 like those. I will bring some for you.


Preparation for JEE reminds me of the Snakes & Ladders Game, I used to play when I was a kid. Every time, I reached the top row of 90s, all the conditions used to somehow lead me to meet Mr. Big Snake at 97 and then according to the rules, I had to start again at 2. Crossing all the hurdles – Lecture Notes, Books, Supplement Materials, Sample Papers, Quizzes, Night-Outs and then Mr. Big Snake will appear from nowhere and you have to start all the way again. Frustration, Desperation, Cursing luck are parts of this game. You may feel like rolling with Mr. Dice in the form of Mr. Luck. 

One needs to be very patient playing this game. Remember, one day (the day of JEE) will be all yours – no snakes, no Mr. Dice’s tic – tacs and you may even climb the big ladder at 21 to reach 98 directly followed by the branch selection at IIT.

Tip: Consistency, Patience and Calmness are the keys to this game.

Preparation for JEE reminds me of Match the Following Game. I never succeeded in matching as one option in the left side always used to match with all the options on the right side and confused me was never able to sort it out. If you place yourself into the left side and categories – Study hours, sports, extra-curricular, rest and now-a days, internet on the right side; you would be confused badly. Yeah, that's exactly the situation is. But, choose your option on the right side decisively and determinedly.

Tip: Focus and Determination are the keys to this game.


Feeling after crossing 97, matching all the options, is exactly the same — So what? , What next?

“Babu Beta ka IIT me ho gaya" Maa khush. Pitaa Ji Khush. Then?

You will feel like passing a very simple test which is leading to the multiple tests ahead and that’s what is called as LIFE.

So, why take so much tension for this test?

Don’t ever think that you are going to the open the gate of DESTINY passing this test. Some of you do not even know what you want to do in the future.

I am sure that Chanda Kochar, Indira Nooyi, Narayanamoorthy would have played these games of life with fun and as a learning experience rather than looking it as Mr. Sab Kuch, the everything.
I remember these lines of Harivansh Rai Bachchan from the book of class 5th:

Koshish karne waalon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti
Lehron se darkar nauka paar nahi hoti

All the very best. May the keys be with you.

Be Simple, Be Honest. 

PS: When you get selected, get ready for the next test!
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