Friday, February 3, 2012

8 Annoying things young people do now a days

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1.       Listening to music on their phone with speakers on
Next time you do it, I am going to punch you tight on your ribs

2.       Wearing “Being Human” T-Shirts and pretending to be Mother Teresa’s grandson
Tell me one thing, which animal you were before wearing these t-shirts?

3.       Saying  - Yo Man!!, Ma, Shit! ...
Whenever you say this, you make me proud that my mother tongue is Hindi

4.       Taking pictures of undeserving food and sharing it on social networking websites
Stop wasting your time and eat what you just made – bloody nonsense!!

5.       LOLing during a face to face conversation!
Please stop loling, it’s laughing, for God’s sake
6.       Stepping in Chewing gum all the time
You are still not better than Heera cow of Mahadevi Verma

7.       Updating on social networking websites about their day-to-day affair - "Just entered my kitchen, it’s a bit cold outside"
Take it straight - You are not Pamela Anderson entering her bedroom

8.       Giving awkward nicknames –  Hey Abhi! howz kissu and Monz!
I am worried about your future, really!!
Best Blogger Tips