Friday, March 9, 2012

To Rahul Gandhi, with Love

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I have learned a very good lesson. "I own the responsibility for this...This is one of my defeats and I take it in my stride," said Rahul Gandhi, who extensively toured Uttar Pradesh and addressed over 200 rallies during the month-long campaigning.

Dear Rahul Gandhi,

I don’t know what you have learned from this election, but one thing is sure: Over-branding yourself can act as a boomerang and can spoil all your ambitions.

Do you know what the best thing about this Deepawali was? Ra-One promotions got finished and internet was free of stupid advertisements featuring Sharukh Khan which were placed on all the corners of every possible web page. Peace! Peace! Peace!!!

Do you know what the best thing about this Holi is? Elections in UP are over, results are out and there are no more idiotic comments and senseless poses of Rahul Gandhi in the newspapers. Peace! Peace! Peace!!!


Seems, like you have started preparations for General Elections 2014. Rahul.One, The Next Level:2014

I heard, you also tried to be RahulStar!!

When reporters asked you about your Girl Friend, this was your reaction:

When reporters asked about your marriage, this was your reaction:

Grow up dude! Grow up dude! Grow up dude!
When reporters asked you about the rising fuel prices, this was your reply:

When reporters asked you - "What have you done for Garib and Aam Aadmi so far" ?

You replied -->

1) I made them see a Helicopter!!!!!!!!

2) I drank their water:

but, Media called it like this ->

3) I helped the farmers:

4) I helped the workers:
5) I went to Jungles:

6) I went to their temples:

but people worshiped me!!

7) When people were shouting for Lokpal Bill, I was jogging:

8) When Anna Ji was on fast, I was also trying to burn calories:

9)I dressed: 

I dressed again:

Then, I dressed again:
I kept dressing:

And when people were busy, I kept checking my style, I KEPT DRESSING:
When reporters asked you - Rahul Ji, Whom do you consider as your role model?, this was your reply:

Look, some people take me as Amitabh Bachchan:

Some of them take me as Barack Obama:

But, Leave Mr. Osama, Oops.. Obama and Amitabh; I will tell you the Secret of my Energy:

Dude, I am sad about you. When I googled for your pics, I got this:

Grow up dude! Grow up dude! Grow up dude! 
Dude, If you are reading this, take my words very seriously:-

Politics of a Identity is a Loser.

It’s true, of course, that caste and religious affiliations run strong – and not just in Uttar Pradesh. But repeated invocations and reinforcements of that identity, in the manner that you did, was particularly unimaginative, and eventually proved a losing proposition. 

Work Pays, not Drama.

Whether it was your shrill campaign in Bhatta Parsaul, your showcase visits to Dalit homes, your resort to padayatra politics, they symbolized an effort to rule the news cycle of the day. If you want your Drama to be focused on, better be a theater artist.

All, after this; Digvijay Singh added to your loss. Leaders like Digvijay Singh, who come out batting for you and ostensibly shield you from the big bad world of politics, actually do more harm than good.

Now, you have already mentioned that you have learned  your lesson, let's have a cup of lemon tea and focus on Union Budget 2012-13.

Lots of Love.

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  1. Well, Rahul, for u it's a setback. If u can really take it into stride, never mind. The ground work done is going to stay. Think ab your mistakes & learn from that. But remember that by clever politics you can be-fool a few all the time, or be-fool all for a few days. But can't be-fool all for long. In fact u couldn't really take off in this election. This is going to be a very costly setback as far as your future is concerned because the people in power wants a vote-catcher, be it dynastic or otherwise! Now they are in doubt. They may change their allegiance if u fail one more time to deliver.

  2. :) thoroughly enjoyable post coz amidst all that satire and humour there lies the truth.

  3. what is gandhi genration of indian political.seeeeeeeeee

    nehru + kamala = indra (who is nerhu not indain it is W paki (J&K)
    indra + firoj = sanjay (rajeev) * gandhi(who is firoj not indain it is W paki (J&K)

    rajeev + soniya= rahul/priyaka *gandhi(who is soniya not indain it is videshi)

    rahul + Veronica = M gandhi (who is Rahul's girl friend Veronica is a Venezuelan not indain it is videshi)

    M Gandhi + G gandhi = angraij again control indian
    because not any are pure indian.