Friday, March 23, 2012

Film: Agent Vinod

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After two consecutive good movies - Kahaani and Paan Singh Tomar and the hyped drum bells by Indian media, I had much of expectations from Agent Vinod but it disappointed me hugely. I felt, movie was slow paced, overlong, confusing and illogical with lot of characters involved.

Saif Ali Khan, in the movie, wants to be romantic, clever, strong, flawless, intelligent, stylist, dancer, action-packed and funny at the same time. He is nowhere close to James Bond, the style matches somewhere to Jason Bourne in search of '242' which comes out to be a nuclear bomb to be exploded in New Delhi.

Kareena Kapoor – For what exactly is she in the movie for? A Pakistani Secret Agent who cannot kill anyone, A Pakistani Secret Agent who actually wanted to be a doctor, A Pakistani Secret Agent who is doing Mujra in the movie - Typical Indian Cinema with actress only playing a pivotal part.

Music in the movie don’t inspire much either. 

Indian Cinema is improving and being more and more ambitious. Sriram Raghavan attempts a motion in this direction, but has failed.

I would grade movie as below average.

PS: Don’t waste your time and money on Agent Vinod. Have a nice weekend!

PPS: If you are here on this page bored watching movies or obsessed with Kolaveri D, swith to Angrezi Beat: (note: song starts at 1:43)

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